Parent: Elementary Batch

“I totally recommend anyone whose children find mathematic lessons challenging to try Mental Math Abacus Program. My daughter started joining Ms Arpana’s classes early this year after i found out from parent teacher’s meeting that she was a little behind with her math work in school. Hearing the word ‘Math tuition’ my daughter was very hesitant at first. But to my surprise, it turns out that not only does my daughter enjoy Ms Arpana’s classes, apparently she’s doing quite well too. I am extremely happy to see how fun mathematic could be – from xxxxxx own words “i wish i could go to Ms Arpana’s class every day and not have to go to school!” – Ahahaha some wishes!

With my daughter’s increased comprehension and speed, i find this also helps empowering her confidence in class. Initially knowing my daughter’s active behaviour (this is the girl who does sommersaults between pauses in a piano class!) i was a little worried about how she would handle an hour of math work (or how her math teacher would be able to handle her!) but that was not a concern at all. I am so glad to find that Ms. Arpana strikes the right balance of fun and authority in her teaching technique which i think require a special talent in itself (‘too much fun’ or ‘scary teachers’ can be hindering to a child’s learning progress in its own ways). Joining Mental Math Abacus is definitely one of the best education decisions i’ve ever made.”