Ingenious Academy is a leading institute in teaching Mathematics, Creative Writing, Language Skills and Thinking Skills. We offer accelerated courses for primary and secondary school kids.

At Ingenious Academy, we aim to teach children in a fun and easy way to uncover the genius within our students, we aim to create champions!

Our History

Formerly known as Mental Math Abacus Australia, Ingenious Academy was founded in 2011, born from the raw passion of our sole proprietor and instructor who believed in imparting education in a fun yet easy way. She comes from a strong mathematical background with Engineering  & IT and possess 11+ years of worldwide experience as Technical Trainer and Support for Corporate IT environment. All our teachers possess strong academic backgrounds with passion for teaching our students to excel in their learning. We provide education in a small group of students with one-on-one attention for each individual.

Beginning as a small class of six students, Ingenious Academy has grown to six centers across the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Listening to the academic needs of our students, Ingenious Academy has also expanded its course offering and our departure from the ‘Mental Math Abacus’ brand exemplifies this expansion.

Our Aim

On top of our flagship Abacus Program, Ingenious Academy also offers advanced courses in Mathematics, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension and Thinking Skills, that are perfect for developing a passion and solid foundation for future study. The ultimate aim of Ingenious Academy is to empower young minds with the confidence they need to succeed and become champions.

Since 2011, Ingenious Academy has nurtured the skills of hundreds of children. We’ve created champions, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

With Ingenious Academy Everyone’s a Winner !