Reading Heroes 

For Year 2 to Year 4

"Reading brings knowledge and knowledge is power. Therefore, reading is power" — Emma Chase

Reading Heroes is a course designed to strengthen a student's ability to read and foster a love of reading. In the Reading Heroes course, students will practice comprehension of a variety of text types as tested in the NAPLAN and other competitive exams.

Reading Heroes provides a solid foundation in reading and language convention. Students not only learn how to read, but also expand their vocabulary, their attention to detail, and insight. The skills developed through the Reading Heroes course are not only beneficial in the academic environment such as Competitive and Scholarship Exams, but also in today's fast-paced world. The goal of Reading Heroes is to develop the power of reading in our students

For a child to be enrolled in the Reading Heroes Course, they must be at least in Year 2 or Year 4. Students must also possess basic reading and handwriting ability in order to commence the course.

Reading Heroes may be undertaken as part of the Opportunity Class Special Course (OCSC) and Naplan Preparation Course (NPC) respectively.

Reading Heroes aims to equip students with key reading skills whilst developing their long-term comprehension and language skills

  • Each week, students learn a new reading technique or concept  
  • Classes are held once a week through 30 minute sessions.

In the Reading Heroes course, students will receive tailored feedback on their language and comprehension skills, providing a strong foundation in language and a direction in improvement and refinement of a student's language ability

  • This personalised experience will unlock your child’s potential, providing a solid foundation in language ability that is useful in not only school and academics, but in day to day life.
  • Every week, students also go through vocabulary exercises on top of comprehension to expand their vocabulary and language skills.

Highlights of the Course Work

Text Types and Vocabulary

  • Reading Techniques: Students are taught various reading techniques such as scanning, analysis and synthesis
  • Text Types: In Reading Heroes, students will cover a variety of different text types. These include, but not limited to: persuasive texts, letters, poems, diary entries, information reports and narratives.
  • Students will learn the features of each text type to help expand their understanding and comprehension skills. Then students will work through these questions to practice their comprehension abilities.
  • Vocabulary Exercises: Students will also go through weekly vocabulary exercises to expand their language abilities
  • Language Convention: Students will also strengthen their understanding of spelling, grammar and punctuation through important skills such as proofreading