Selective Special Course


The Selective Special Course (SSC) is a course package designed to prepare students in Year 4 and Year 5 for the Selective High School Placement Exam.

As part of SSC, students will complete four subjects: Rocket Maths , Reading Heroes , Super Writers and Thinking Skills . Each of these subjects will equip students with the skills needed to prepare them for all four components of the Selective Placement exam, and beyond in their future education.

For new Ingenious Academy students:

To enrol your child into SSC, they must be in Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6.

For existing Ingenious Academy students:

Current students who are enrolled in either one or more of the following courses (Rocket Maths, Reading Heroes, Super Writers & Thinking Skills) can enrol in the SSC. Note that enrolling in the SSC will increase a student's subject load.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Selective School Placement Exam

What is a Selective School?

Selective Schools are schools which admit students on the basis of academic merit. These schools predominantly cater to academically-gifted students. Because of their academic criterion, selective high schools are unzoned, meaning parents can apply regardless of where they live.   

What are the different types of selective schools?

There are two key types of selective schools: fully-selective where all students are admitted based on the Selective School Placement Exam, and partially-selective, which have separate selective classes and non-selective classes for local students.

In total, there are 17 fully-selective schools and 25 partially-selective schools. Thus, places in Selective Schools are competitive and limited.

What is the Selective High School Placement Test?

The Selective High School Placement Test is a rigorous exam required for admission into Selective Schools. The test consists of four topics: 

  • Reading Comprehension (40 minutes, 30 multiple choice questions)
  • Mathematical Reasoning (40 minutes, 35 multiple choice questions)
  • Thinking Skills (40 minutes, 40 multiple choice questions)
  • Writing (30 minutes, 1 open-ended question)

Course Package

Rocket Maths

For Mathematical Reasoning 

Rocket Maths is our fun and exciting maths course that teaches mental math techniques and their application to real-life problems. The aim of Rocket Maths is to grow your child’s confidence in maths as well as their speed and efficiency in solving questions. As part of the Rocket Maths course, students will:

  • Learn a variety of mental math concepts and techniques ranging from Multiplication and Division to Algebra and Probability
  • Apply learned concepts and techniques in real-life situations such as money maths and problem solving
  • Develop their ability to think logically and reason mathematically
  • Complete regular trial tests to gauge overall performance and improve exam skills

Reading Heroes

For Reading and Language Conventions

Reading Heroes is our exciting language course that aims to develop strong and capable readers. In Reading Heroes, students will cover the key language conventions, ranging from spelling, grammar and punctuation to vocabulary and comprehension. As part of the course, students will:

  • Read a variety of texts ranging from persuasive texts to poetry and letters
  • Expand their vocabulary and understanding with weekly vocabulary exercises
  • Strengthen their confidence in spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension skills
  • Complete regular trial tests to gauge overall performance and improve exam skills

Thinking Skills

For Reasoning and Critical Thinking 

Thinking Skills is our unique course designed to develop a student’s critical thinking, problem-solving and reasoning skills. In this course, students will exercise their brains as they are exposed to a variety of questions and scenarios designed to test their critical thinking ability. As part of the Thinking Skills course, students will:

  • Learn skills such as analysing information, thinking critically and reasoning
  • Practice their critical thinking skills across a wide variety of scenarios and examples
  • Develop confidence in solving various problems
  • Complete regular trial tests to gauge overall performance and improve exam skills

Super Writers

For Writing

Super Writers is our unique and ingenious writing course, designed for knowledge and fun! In this course, students are taught how to critically and creatively construct persuasive, narrative and informative writing. As part of the course, students will:

  • Learn various persuasive, narrative and informative writing techniques while expanding their vocabulary
  • Practice their critical and creative thinking, language and writing in a methodical way
  • Develop confidence & capability in their writing
  • Improve handwriting in preparation for the Selective Placement Exam

Trial Tests

Weekly Selective Mock Trial Tests

As part of the SSC course package, students will conduct weekly Selective Exam trial tests (digital/on paper) to further develop their skills and confidence.

  • Each week, students will have a trial test for questions across Mathematical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Thinking Skills or Writing.
  • Students will receive detailed, personalised feedback at the end of each test including specific strategies to correct their mistakes and fill knowledge gaps
  • The trial tests are carefully created to mimic the difficulty and latest style of the actual selective exam. They are designed to give students the confidence they need for the real exam.