Thinking Skills

For Year 3 to Year 7

The Thinking Skills program is a course aimed at developing our students’ ability to reason, think critically and apply these skills to a variety of different problems.

Thinking Skills is an important component of Competitive and Scholarship exams. On top of this, as a subject, it is not often taught as part of the school curriculum. Therefore, our course is perfect for developing a student’s creative & critical thinking and preparing for these examinations.

The Thinking Skills course is a favourite among those hoping to prepare for the OC and Selective Exams. It hones students' thinking skills and gets them ready for the toughest of questions by exploring concepts such as logical reasoning, analogies, and spatial reasoning in depth.

We recommend joining this program approximately one year before your child’s examination. This will allow the student to have ample time to grasp the various aspects of creative & critical thinking with the help of our outstanding teaching team.The student must at least be in Year 3 when joining the course.

The Thinking Skills Course consists of three modules: Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5-6. It is not necessary to complete all of these, you can enrol your child in whichever course is most relevant to their current learning status. Each module lasts 1 year.

Year 3

The Year 3 module will build a strong foundation for spatial and logical ability, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, etc. This module stimulates both sides of the brain since it is a combination of mathematical/literary understanding and spatial reasoning.

Year 4 — Competitive Exams

The Year 4 module will consist of practice tests closely related to the competitive exams like Opportunity Class (OC) The aim of this module is to allow students to become familiar with the format of the exam and develop strategies to gain maximum results to the best of their ability.

Year 5-6 — Selective and Scholarship Exams

Our Year 5-6 module is tailored for preparation for the Selective and Scholarship exams as well as a helpful transition into high school learning. This module consists of practice tests and questions related to such exams to give students full opportunity to familiarise themselves with commonly occurring concepts and develop strategies for sitting the exam.

Highlights of the 'Thinking Skills' Course

Literacy and Mathematics

  • Students will learn how to apply both literacy and mathematics skills across a broad range of complex problems. 
  • Content covered in this program includes: Analogies that ask students to identify relationships between pairs of words, complex number patterns, word knowledge problems testing student vocabulary, probability, puzzles involving 3D shapes, and codes that involve letters and numbers that make up words.
  • These techniques will help students think critically and creatively as our program goes through diverse applications of both literacy and numeracy 

Logic and Reasoning

  • The Thinking Skills program will help expand our student’s skills by helping them apply new concepts through complex problems and situations. 
  • The depth of content explored in this program will help enhance a student’s analytical skills and abstract reasoning, which is perfect for competitive exams.
  • Our program is also highly personalized. This means all students are able to progress quickly with the help of our expert teachers. In this way, students gain greater confidence in their abilities as they learn the content.