Super Writers 

For Year 2 to Year 5

In today's fast-paced world, the ability to write critically and creatively remains an essential skill.

Super Writers is a course designed to provide students of Yr 2 to Yr 6 with the core basics of creative writing. Students will learn to develop and articulate their opinions, think critically and creatively and develop their writing ability through consistent practice. In the Super Writers course, students will focus primarily on persuasive and narrative writing as these are tested in NAPLAN and other competitive exams.

The Super Writers Course provides a solid foundation in creative writing. Students are taught how to write critically through persuasive writing, and creatively through narrative writing. The combination of creative and critical thinking skills that are paramount to a fast-paced world. The skills developed through the Super Writers course are also beneficial in the academic environment, such as Competitive and Scholarship Exams.

For a child to be enrolled in the Super Writers Course, they must be at least in Year 2 or Year 3. Students must also possess basic reading and handwriting ability in order to commence the course..

Super Writers is a crash course program that aims to equip students of Yr 2 to Yr 5 with the foundational skills for different texts writing as preparation towards NAPLAN and other competitive exams.

  • Fore year 3 NAPLAN preperation, each term is divided into two units (5 weeks per unit): Persuasive and Narrative Writing.
  • For year 5 Selective Writing prepartaion, students will learn many different types of texts throughout the term. viz., Persuasive, Narrative, Informative, Process, Compare & Contrast, Cause & Effect, Letters & Diary and Reports & Articles writing.  

In the Super Writers Course, students will receive tailored feedback on their writing, providing a strong foundation in writing and a direction in improvement and refinement of a student's writing ability

  • Classes are held once a week through 60 minute sessions.
  • This personalised experience will unlock your child’s potential, providing a solid foundation in writing useful in not only school and academics, but in day to day life.
  • After every unit, students are given ample time to practice, develop and refine the skills learned in the previous weeks through writing prompts. This is complemented by personalised feedback from the teacher to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide direction for improvement

Highlights of the Course Work

Persuasive Writing

  • In the first unit, students will learn how to compose persuasive texts
  • This is an introductory unit where students will learn how to identify persuasive texts, develop opinions, reasons and construct a persuasive text.
  • Students will learn the basics of critical thinking and most importantly, how to articulate a developed and sophisticated idea.
  • Concepts covered include: persuasive language devices, persuasive writing structure, opinion and reason, and identifying persuasive texts.

Narrative Writing

  • In our second unit, students will learn how to creatively compose narrative texts.
  • In this unit, students learn how to develop a story, describe their stories and articulate a story thesis. This unit will teach students how to think creatively, and how to use language to be descriptive in conveying information
  • Concepts covered include: developing a story, identifying narrative texts, narrative text structure, narrative writing structures.