NAPLAN Preparation Course


The NAPLAN Preparation Course (NPC) is a course package designed to equip students with the necessary skills to prepare for NAPLAN. Under the NPC package, students will undertake: Mental Math Abacus for Mental Arithmetic Calculations and Supplementary Maths (Enrich) to cover Problem Solving Techniques & Mathematical Reasoning, Reading Heroes to cover Reading, Comprehension and Language Convention, Super Writers (Accelerated) to cover Creative Writing Skills and Thinking Skills for Verbal - Non-verbal Reasoning and Language Convention

For new Ingenious Academy students:

You can enrol your child into our NPC course, as early as the third term of Year 2

For existing Ingenious Academy students

Current students who are enrolled in either one or more of the following courses (Mental Math Abacus, Reading Heroes, Thinking Skills and Super Writers) can enrol into NPC. Note that enrolment into the NPC will increase a student's subject load.

Course Package

Mental Math Abacus

For Numeracy 

Mental Math Abacus is our flagship course offered at Ingenious Academy. In this program, students will learn arithmetic calculations through Abacus technique and apply the same to real-life situations/problem solving. Graduates of our Mental Math Abacus have grown to be confident and creative mathematicians. As part of the course, students will:

  • Learn a variety of mental math techniques through the Abacus
  • Apply these mental math techniques and concepts to real-life questions through the Supplementary Maths component including Problem Solving and Mathematical Reasoning
  • Approach mathematics from a creative, inquisitive and fun way

Reading Heroes

For Reading and Language Convention

Reading Heroes is our exciting language course that aims to develop strong and capable readers. In Reading Heroes, students will cover the key language conventions, ranging from spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and comprehension. As part of the course, students will:

  • Read a variety of texts ranging from persuasive texts to poetry and letters
  • Expand their vocabulary and understanding with weekly vocabulary exercises
  • Strengthen their confidence in spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension skills

Super Writers

For Writing 

The Super Writers Course provides a solid foundation in writing. Students are taught how to write critically through persuasive writing, and creatively through narrative writing. As part of the course, students will:

  • Learn to write persuasive and narrative texts—text types tested in the NAPLAN
  • Practice develop their critical and creative thinking, language and writing in a methodical way
  • Develop confidence & capability in their writing and improve handwriting

Thinking Skills

For Reasoning and Critical Thinking 

Thinking Skills is our unique course designed to develop a student’s critical thinking, problem-solving and reasoning skills. In this course, students will exercise their brains as they are exposed to a variety of questions and scenarios designed to test their critical thinking ability. As part of the Thinking Skills course, students will:

  • Learn skills such as analysing information, thinking critically and reasoning
  • Practice their critical thinking skills across a wide variety of scenarios and examples
  • Develop confidence in solving various problems