“We really treasure that our children have become so comfortable and proficient in maths by learning from you and your school.”


- Parent – Monday Batch

“It’s been awesome 3 and half years that he spend with abacus. This is definitely helping his confident and on his further study. I always recommend abacus to everyone. Thank you very much to abacus team”

- Parent – Saturday Batch

“Today, XXX got award for his numeracy skills.  Thanks for your effort and support”

- Parent – Wednesday Batch

“My daughter was getting C in her maths. After some coaching from Ingenious Academy she progressed to A. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company to any parents seeking to improve their students results

- Parent – Monday Batch

“Thanks Mental Maths Abacus (now Ingenious Academy) for all the dedication and nurturing. My daughter (age 7) started Abacus 6 months ago. You have made mathematics fun to her. She enjoys the activities so much that she keeps on asking for more homework. You have brought out her inner genius. Even in these COVID times , the way you carried out online classes was so satisfying. Proud to say that my Angel is growing and getting better in each class. Thank you so much for making mathematics fun and interesting.”

- Parent – Thursday Batch

“Specially thanks to Ms. M for developing my daughter’s skill and knowledge. Ms. M really invest into students and goes above and beyond to develop and teach her student skills. She always makes sure my daughter has understood and never hesitate to repeat till the basic and rules are understood. These few years passed with several ups and downs but with your’s and Ms. M’s support this journey was achievable. My daughter got these great results under your and Ms. M’s mentoring, guidance and support. I would really like to thank you and special thanks to Ms. M as well.”

- Parent: Wednesday Batch

Mental Maths is a roaring success: My son asked me to ask you if he could please go to Arpana’s everyday, not just Tuesdays. I explained that you don’t have classes everyday.

So even though he finds it very hard to sit still, and is often distracted, he really loves it. Thank you so much. All the best.”

- Parent: Elementary Batch

“My daughter (age 6) was always good in studies. Looking at her progress, we decided to enrol her in Advance Batch(age group 8 to 12 yrs). I feel very proud to share that in just 3 months time, she is giving a good competition to the older students in her batch. This is a real easy and fun way of learning mathematics. What an amazing course indeed!!!”

- Parent: Advance Batch

“Being a working parent, I don’t have much time to look after my daughter’s studies. She hardly had any interest in Maths or in doing her school homework. After joining Math Abacus classes, in just few months time, she has become more confident now. She doesn’t need any help for maths and needs very little help for doing her school homework. Thank you very much Mental Math Abacus Australia for such a sincere efforts and developing interest in my child.”

- Parent: Elementary Batch

Inspite of being sick: My son’s response was, “I am going to maths tomorrow. If I’m well enough for school, I’m well enough to go to Arpana’s!” Thanks for making it so fun for him.”

- Parent: Elementary Batch


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