“I would like to pass on my personal comments, XXXXX enjoys his ABACUS class and we have seen good improvement in his 2nd session Term 1 2017. Both, you and other staff are doing a great job, keep up the great work!.”


- Parent: Tuesday Batch

“Thank you and your team for the coaching, abacus is helping XXXXX to do well in Maths at school. He is in high level group for maths in year 3. As a parent we can see that Abacus is assisting XXXXX with his learning.”

- Parent: Thursday Batch

“The paediatrician tested xxxxxx on the 50th percentile for Maths in mid- October (2014). He retested her this month (March 2015) and she was on 75th percentile. He was astounded. He runs a large city practice seeing about 15 kids a day with learning issues. He had never seen such a large improvement in such a short time (thanks to abacas rules…xxxxxx knows them and can apply then to general maths)”

- Parent: Monday Batch

“Mental Math Abacus” has provided my son the tool to add/subtract up to 99 with his fingers (a tool always at his disposal). The abacus has also enhanced his confidence that maths is possible. Top compliments to Ms Arpana for her dedication, patience and teaching passion

- Parent: Friday Batch


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