Parent: Thursday Batch

“Hi, my daughter is in the Thursday class in Toongabbie… She is doing pretty well these days compared to when she was not going to abacus with Ms Arpana…Rather than talking of the abacus system which everyone teaches these days, I would recommend to learn abacus with Ms Arpana, through which you can learn not only maths but also a sip of dedication towards her students development, her commitment in conveying the communication with the parents and above all the quality of teaching. Having said that, most of the parents want more than the fees which they are paying, so they keep asking about their child’s performance and their work in all the classes, which will be replied by Ms Arpana without any sort of discomfort or dislike.

While I sit down with my kid to see her performance or how she is doing, in our home, I use a calculator and my child doesn’t.

I totally recommend any child to learn abacus through Ms Arpana…. Your money and time is worth, and above all your child is happy.”